Self Storage in Chatswood

Chatswood, in Sydney’s North Shore, is synonymous with food and fashion. With an area of just 2.9km², Chatswood has three major shopping centres -Chatswood Chase, Westfield Chatswood and the Mandarin Centre – and numerous restaurants.

Containaway can help businesses needing self storage in Chatswood. Rather than move into bigger premises when your business starts to grow, Containaway can offer a self storage solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional commercial spaces. This allows the business owner to rent the right size module needed and gradually add modules with the expansion of their business. Self storage can be useful for storing old invoices, personnel files, excess stock and merchandising material. Business owners can access their goods from one of our secure warehouse facilities free of charge or, for a nominal fee, Containaway can deliver your self storage module back to you when you need it.

It’s not just businesses who can benefit from Containaway. Local residents can also use storage in Chatswood to declutter their homes prior to selling, store items while renovating or simply move unwanted items out of their home.