Secure Storage

At Containaway we know that keeping your goods safe and secure is of the utmost importance.

All our storage units feature a steel frame and are made from 9.5mm high-impact resistant plywood. The external weather-proof sheeting is fastened internally and cannot be removed from the outside.

Containaway has also developed a purpose-built trailer system for our mobile self storage to allow us to park our Dollar Saver and Standard storage containers on the side of the road – just like you would your car. The trailer is registered and insured for public risk. As an added security measure, we remove the drawbar and the wheels so it cannot be towed away by anyone other than a certified Containaway employee.

From the moment we deliver the storage unit to your home or workplace, you play an active role in the security of your belongings. Each storage unit is padlocked using your own personal lock for which only you have the key. The padlock remains on the unit while en route to the facility and the entire time it remains in storage. What this ultimately means is that you are the only one that can access your belongings, not even Containaway can open your storage unit.

The security of your items are further assured thanks to our secure storage facilities. Each storage facility features state-of-the-art alarm systems, high fences and CCTV for all locations within the facility.

In addition, Containaway is a member of the Australasian Self Storage Association (ASSA). As part of this membership, Containaway can provide insurance on your goods while stored in our storage facilities. This insurance has been especially tailored for self storage facilities and is only available through ASSA members. This insurance gives you further peace of mind when storing your goods with Containaway.