Storage Services

Gone are the days when people put things in storage just to get them out of the way and rarely accessed them again. Containaway’s unique mobile self storage offers a practical, cost effective and invaluable solution to all your storage needs.

With our mobile self storage containers, accessing your items in storage has never been easier. Containaway has several storage facilities in Sydney. We are happy for you to add and remove items to your storage space at no charge and we can even deliver them back to you when you want your goods returned.

You can use Containaway’s self storage containers as an extension of your home or office. Instead of filling up your garage or buying a shed, we can store seasonal items such as Christmas trees and ski gear throughout the year; and instead of stacking boxes of invoices and receipts in your office, Containaway can take care of them until tax time and beyond. Containaway saves you the cost and the hassle of buying a bigger house or renting larger commercial properties.

Our self storage containers are suitable for short-term and long-term use. We offer no fixed contracts so you can store your furniture and other goods with us fort as long as you need. Containaway’s mobile self storage modules are engineered with maximum air circulation in mind, which is especially perfect for lounges and other fabric covered furniture.

Whatever your reason for storage, Containaway is the answer.