Self Storage in Gordon

The number of Gordon self storage customers we speak to who tell us “I don’t know why we didn’t think of storing some stuff earlier!” is incredible. Almost everybody has things lying around which they don’t need right now, but don’t want to get rid of completely. However, a lot of people don’t necessarily think of mobile self storage in Gordon as the solution to their problems. Here are 5 types of people we often meet, who didn’t even know they needed self storage!

The Jetsetter

Whether your passion is travelling for business or pleasure, you have most likely learned to live with very little. If you own a home in Australia but don’t live there very often, you could pack your things away into a mobile self storage module, and your Gordon home could be rented out for a net profit.

The Growing Family

Know you’re going to need that pram, that bulky car seat, all those baby clothes, the plastic bath, the cloth nappies, the toys … (arggghh!) in the future? Right now, if your baby things are taking up precious space in the garage or the spare bedroom, they’d be better off in a Gordon self storage unit.

The Shrinking Family

For families with children that are moving out, you know that it can take some time for all your children’s possessions to follow them! They need to test the water without bringing their entire life with them (or they may not have the room in a new shared house). But YOU need their old bedroom! Simply pop their things in a Gordon self storage module.

The Sandwich Generation

Members of the ‘Sandwich Generation’ live with both their children and their aging parents. Space is most likely at a premium if you’ve taken on the responsibility of caring for your aging relatives, and they no doubt have plenty of things that are too precious to lose. Put them in self storage, and Gordon customers can have far more room for the important things in a home … the people!

The Collectors

If your collection is not one that you regularly ‘enjoy’ by taking pieces out, dusting and/or using them, it’s probably safer in a Gordon self storage module. Often times insurance policies won’t cover the full value of collectible pieces, so if your home is broken into the collection is lost. While we always suggest that you insure your goods while in self storage, there is less chance of damage or burglary at the storage facility than in a private home.