Self Storage in Ryde

There is quite a list of things that can’t be put into mobile self storage for Ryde customers. All of these are dictated by safety guidelines, relevant laws and common sense – yet very, very often customers simply choose to put prohibited items in their Ryde mobile self storage unit anyway. “What’s the harm?”, people often think, especially if the item has sat in their garage for a year or more. We’ve explored specific items that can’t be stored in the blog before, and this time we look at some of the issues surrounding storage of prohibited items.


Goods are often prohibited from Ryde portable self storage because of safety issues. The safety of your own stored items, other people’s stored items and our employees is at stake. Consider …

  • What if flammable items caught fire?
  • What if an explosive item exploded?
  • What if asbestos started breaking down and fibres escaped from your module during transport?
  • What if your strong magnetised material wiped an entire child’s life time of photos from a hard disk in an adjacent Ryde self storage module?
  • If you choose to store live animals, do you really think they’ll still be alive when you come back?

There are literally a hundred safety-based questions related to the storage of prohibited items. Most often, it will be your goods that are affected. In some cases, there may be legal repercussions …

The Law and Ryde Self Storage

For example, if your stored goods cause injury to a person or significant damage to another person’s goods, you may have broken the law. The victim may be able to press either criminal or civil charges.

Given that your goods are completely out of your control once they are in the Ryde self storage facility, it makes sense to keep your stored items as innocuous as possible!


Despite the enormity of the safety risks when prohibited items are stored, at Containaway we cannot and will not go through your items without due cause. There should be no need to invade everybody’s privacy for the sake of a few!

If we suspect that a prohibited item is stored in your module, this is the procedure:

  • We’ll immediately remove the module to a safe location within our grounds
  • You’ll be contacted and asked about your module. You may need to come down to open it up and resolve the query.
  • If you remain uncontactable, we may need to open your module under police supervision.
  • There may be a charge if prohibited goods are found in any of these cases.

Don’t risk it! If you aren’t sure what you can store, just give us a ring.