Self Storage in Parramatta

Parramatta is a hustling, bustling metropolis, located just 30 minutes from the heart of Sydney. Did you know that as the commercial and cultural capital of Western Sydney, Parramatta is the second largest central business district in Sydney and the sixth largest in the country and generates more than $14 billion annually?

As with all major business districts, Parramatta has a high population density with 72 per cent of residents living in apartments, 58 per cent of them rented. Containaway is a great solution for those needing self storage in Parramatta. When space is tight, our self storage units can provide a secure and safe place for your excess belongings or seasonal items like jet skis, Christmas decorations and snow gear.

Containaway is particularly useful for renters in Parramatta who are in between properties. We can deliver our self storage units to your home for you to pack and then return the self storage unit to an alternate property when you are ready for it.