Self Storage in Marrickville

Business real estate often comes at premium prices, with rents or mortgages representing the single biggest cost for businesses (other than raw materials). Unsurprisingly, many businesses want to make the most of the space they have! Mobile self storage for Marrickville business customers is a common solution; however it is not suitable in all businesses, for all items or all usage profiles. Today we help you decide whether Marrickville self storage will actually help or hinder your overall business efforts.

What Do Businesses Put in Self Storage?

The most common items put in self storage by Marrickville businesses are those that are high value, but infrequently used. They include:

  • Archived files
  • Mobile equipment
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Displays for trade shows
  • Campaign materials
  • Long term supplies

Standard business stock may also be kept in Marrickville self storage.

Your Business Environment

Businesses in some locations will find it much easier to utilise Marrickville self storage modules, and some will find it more valuable.

For example, businesses in freestanding shops with surrounding parking space will find the modules easy to load and unload. Businesses in large retail complexes like shopping centres will find the storage is effectively more valuable because of the higher cost of rent in these areas … however loading your Marrickville self storage module will be a logistic challenge.

Key People

One common problem with business items in self storage is that the people who need to retrieve items are not always the people authorised to access the Marrickville self storage module. For example, if sensitive documents are stored along with Christmas decorations, the CEO might need to be sent down to retrieve Christmas decorations!

The best solution to this dilemma is to keep non-sensitive items in one module, and items which will need to be accessed by staff in the lower security levels in another module.

Self storage is an ideal solution for many Marrickville businesses, as long as you think through and plan for your future usage of the space!