Self Storage in Homebush

Is it going to be a tight squeeze fitting everything you need to in your self storage module in Homebush? You have probably toyed with the idea of just getting another module and being a lot more relaxed about your packing … and while this is always a good safety net, for many Homebush self storage customers it may not be necessary. If you follow these 10 neat space saving tips for packing your module, you could halve your storage costs!

  1. Don’t store what you don’t need
    The most effective space-saving tip for self storage modules is that if you don’t need it, you shouldn’t pack it! A good rule of thumb to help you decide whether something is necessary? If you haven’t used it in the last 12 months and it won’t be used in the next 12 months, and isn’t sentimental, you should ditch it.
  2. Organise your things
    It will not only be easier to find things when you eventually unpack your Homebush self storage module, but you’ll better be able to rationalise the space used by your things.
  3. Use vacuum sealed bags
    Packing up all your clothes, linens, pillows, and soft toys into vacuum sealed bags can save a heap of space in your storage module! Even filing and old newspapers will squish a little. The finished bags might be a little hard to stack, so pack these into your Homebush self storage module last.
  4. Pack your drawers
    If you have cupboards or sets of drawers in your unit, fill them with light and unbreakable items.
  5. Pack your fridge and freezer
    Once your fridge and freezer have been completely emptied and dried out, they also make a fabulous hideaway for light, non-fragile items.
  6. Choose stackable containers
    If space is at a premium in your Homebush self storage module, make sure the containers you are packing into are stackable. Plastic tubs are great for this purpose.
  7. Reach for the sky
    And by that, I mean always try to utilise the space at the top of your self storage unit for Homebush customers. For example, a sofa stood on its end will be a more effective use of space than a sofa sitting on all four legs, with things stacked on top of it.
  8. Pack in layers
    Professional removalists all do it this way! Put a large item at the back of your module. Pack smaller items around it until you have made a single ‘layer’ against the back wall of your module. Repeat!
  9. Always keep your weight limit in mind!
    However cleverly you pack your self storage module in Homebush, you must remember that it can only hold 1.5 tonne of goods safely. If your module is overweight you may have to unpack some goods – so as you’re very cleverly filling your module, you need to be weighing and adding and totalling!