Why you need self storage

Nov 28, 2013

There is a general misconception that self storage can only be used when you are in between homes but there are many reasons why people use self storage:

Decluttering and Staging
Real estate agents agree that decluttering and staging your home is a great way to sell your house faster and achieve maximum price. Put simply, the less cluttered your home is the more spacious it appears, which is a major drawcard for prospective buyers.

Renovating is hard work and the last thing you want is to be tripping over your furniture and belongings while trying to rip out walls, put in new flooring or building doorways. Containaway’s mobile self storage is a great way to keep your furniture safe during renovations and free from paint splatters and dust.

Whether you are travelling around Australia or moving overseas for an extended period of time, self storage is a great way to store your belongings while you rent out your home. The flexible nature of our storage services means delays in your travels or living arrangements need not be a worry as we can work around your contract to extend it.

In the unfortunate event of home damage due to extreme weather or unforeseen circumstances, Containaway can manage the stress of storing and moving your belongings during this difficult time. We keep your belongings safe and secure during the clean up and even deliver them to your temporary accommodation.

Business Services
Containaway’s mobile self storage containers are great for small to medium sized business. Whether it be extra inventory, merchandise, seasonal items, files or storage between office relocation, you can rest assured it is in good hands with Containaway.

Collectables and Excess
When you have certain items that serve no purpose in your home but are of sentimental value, self storage is the answer. With Containaway, you can hold onto these items in a safe and secure environment for as long as you need.