Benefits of a virtual office

Jan 09, 2014

Sick of sitting in traffic or waiting for a bus that never shows up? With the rise in virtual offices you never need commute to a CBD office during peak hour again.

The internet and cloud computing mean workers and businesses are no longer bound by physical locations. Yet working from home does not always give the most professional approach. That’s why a virtual office is an ideal solution.

Many virtual offices offer a range of office services specifically catered to the business professional, including phone answering or receptionist services. Receptionists can either take a message or forward the calls to the primary number of the business owner, without the customer even being aware that you are not in the same building. Many small business owners find this service helps to create the required corporate image for their company.

The benefits of a virtual office are plenty and include:

  • Savings – most businesses require a physical location which needs to be furnished and maintained. By using a virtual office, you don’t need to worry about looking after the building, supplying stationery and office equipment to staff or paying for electricity services.
  • Increased efficiency – A virtual office assigns a virtual assistant to respond to customer phone calls and even reply to emails, freeing up your time to focus on the business. Plus, there is less chance of interruptions from your colleagues when you don’t share the same office.
  • Greater professionalism – Many clients would be considerably impressed by a postal address in some of Sydney’s best business districts. Furthermore, most virtual offices offer conference rooms for meetings, which is far better than meeting with clients in your lounge room.
  • Environmental benefits – you’ll be helping the environment by not commuting to work on one of Sydney’s congested freeways.

However, virtual offices also have their downfalls, one of which is the lack of space to store your business needs. Working from home may sound ideal until you find boxes of invoices and files starting to take over your lounge room. That’s where Containaway can help. Containaway’s mobile self storage units come in three different sizes, meaning you only pay for the space you need. They are secure, easily accessible and perfect for storing excess inventory, merchandise and employee and business files. With the help of Containaway, your dream of working from anywhere in the world is a definite possibility.