Don’t ship it

Aug 12, 2013

In today’s global climate, many Australian professionals are relocating overseas for work. Whether you are moving for months or years, some things are just not practical and cost-effective to ship overseas.

Containaway’s self storage options mean you don’t have to choose between keeping your precious belongings and throwing them out.

Many people living in Sydney are spoilt for space. Unfortunately, residents in other big cities are not so lucky. City apartments in Europe, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan are generally small and often charged at a premium. The price of just a few extra square metres in an overseas city apartment to accommodate your ‘extra’ things could send your budget through the roof. This is why leaving things behind in Sydney in a self storage unit is a money-wise idea.

Even if space isn’t a concern, shipping is generally problematic. Moving boxes of clothes and other essential items overseas is reasonably straightforward but then you’re left with bulky furniture items, sentimental items and large electrical items that aren’t insured by shipping companies. The cost of overseas shipping far outweighs the price of renting a Containaway self storage container.

Self storage takes the logistical hassles, wallet pressures and security concerns out of the equation when it comes to overseas relocations. We deliver our self storage container to your door, you pack it and lock it with your own padlock, then we drive it away to our safe and secure storage facility for as long as you require. With Containaway, we don’t lock you in to a fixed contract so if you choose to come home early or decide to extend your secondment, we’ve got you covered.