Storing your gear in the off-season

Aug 21, 2013

Whether you have six teams or hundreds of teams, chances are your sporting club has a lot of equipment.

With finals now in full swing, it’s difficult to know what to do with all your club’s sporting gear at the end of the season. Sure coaches and managers may be able to look after their team’s balls and jerseys, but then there’s the other items that are too numerous to fit into someone’s garage. Consider the barbecues, pie warmers, line marking machines, registration records, flags and banners – all the things needed to run a successful sports competition.

Protecting your club’s equipment is serious business. Storing your equipment at your home ground leaves you open to vandals and thieves. Equipment is expensive and replacing it from year to year is a quick trip to bankruptcy. All those hours of parent fundraising and your club’s reputation with local business sponsors could be ruined.

No matter what your sport, no matter where in Sydney, Containaway is a guaranteed way to keep your equipment safe and secure in the off-season. Our facilities are equipped with a state of the art security system which includes both internal and external surveillance cameras.

Containaway offers flexible and cost effective monthly contracts. In addition, our storage containers come in three sizes, so you only pay for what you need.

The best thing about Containaway, is that we come to you. We can deliver the storage unit to your home ground for your teams to pack and then when it’s time to start the season again, we deliver it back to your home ground. It doesn’t get any easier.

Don’t run the risk of losing valuable equipment, let Containaway store and protect your club’s gear during the off-season.