What not to store with Containaway

Aug 28, 2013

People use Containaway’s self storage modules for all sorts of reasons, many use it as a second garage.

However, unlike your home garage, which may contain everything from leftover paints to bags of rice, not everything can go into storage.

For staff safety and the safety of customers, Containaway does not allow the following items to be stored on our premises:

Dangerous goods

Items that are flammable or dangerous in nature cannot be stored in your Containaway storage unit. These include cooking oils, cleaning solvents, aerosol cans, matches, firelighters, pesticides, paint, thinners, oil, petrol, kerosene, methylated spirits, turpentine, weed killers, photographic chemicals, swimming pool treatments containing liquid chlorine and toxic waste.

Firearms, fireworks and ammunition are also banned.

Animals and plants

Going on holiday and not sure what to do with your pet? Some animals, in particular reptiles, are able to go months without food, but keeping them in a self storage container for any period of time is cruel and illegal.

Containaway prohibits the storage of all animals and plants – whether they are alive or dead.

Perishable foods

Perishable foods cannot be stored with Containaway, whether they are for human or animal consumption. These items have the potential to rot, leaving our warehouse smelling bad for other clients as well as attracting mice and rats. Generally canned foods are acceptable to be stored in your self storage unit, but check with your Containaway consultant first.

Stolen or illegal goods

Last year in Portland, Florida, a man was arrested after police found $981,650 in cash, stolen birth certificates, social security cards and credit reports in his self storage unit. Just as you can’t keep stolen items at home, you can definitely not keep them in your self storage container.

Other items banned in self storage include illegal drugs, drug making paraphernalia and all items prohibited by law.

If you are unsure, please speak to your friendly Containaway consultant about what you can store with us.