How to pack soft toys

May 16, 2013

Soft toys are a space-hogging dilemma in many homes across Australia! We all know how kids protest at the thought of them being thrown out. Additionally, many of those soft toys were probably given to your kids at sentimental occasions by loved ones. This means they are also perfect candidates for self storage!

So, how do you safely keep the things that are so precious to your kids in a self storage module?

Pest Treatment

Before you pack the soft toys into anything, whether it is a vacuum-seal bag, plastic tub, or net, you’ll need to treat it for pests. If there are already creepy crawlies living in them, the undisturbed environment of a self storage module is the perfect breeding ground.

To kill any pests in the soft toys you can:

  • Have them treated professionally with a pesticide similar to that used on household carpets. Contact a professional for this.
  • Pack them with mothballs.
  • Wash them in the hottest water you have available with a strong vinegar mix … ensuring that they won’t become disfigured or bleached by this! Dry them in a tumble dryer.
  • Freeze any toys which could not be hot-washed in the freezer, then wash as usual.
  • Sprinkle a product like food grade diatomaceous earth on the toys, to help dehydrate and kill any bugs hiding on them.

Vacuum Sealing

Vacuum sealing is appropriate for most soft toys. However, if your child’s toys have any parts which would be permanently disfigured by being crushed, you’ll need to find another way to store them.

Hide them away

If you are packing anything in your storage module like cupboards, chests of drawers, deep freezers or fridges, pack the soft toys inside these. They are a good choice for packing inside other items because they are light and non-fragile.